WISE's History

Concurrent with other grassroots organizations growing in the 1970s, a national organization to connect Canadian women scientists and engineers was founded in 1977 by Claudette Mackay-Lassonde. With the WISE national headquarters in Toronto, ON, local chapters formed in Toronto, Ottawa, Sarnia, Kingston, Montreal, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick during the following decade. Women from the United States, Europe and Africa also joined WISE.


WISE UNB Chapter

The WISE UNB Chapter offers events with a variety of interesting speakers, tutorials, outings and etc. These events provide an excellent opportunity for getting to know one another and to make our network larger.


Join the WISE UNB Executive! 

Elections take place each spring and it's a great way to get involved in WISE and to promote women in science and engineering! The time commitment is very flexible with meetings once to twice a month and the rewards are of course limitless!

Most Importantly... WISE is a place where women in science and engineering can see what opportunities are available for them, they can hear from speakers what it is like in this industry, and they have the ability to get out there and travel to conferences that are of great impact.